Recent Services Rendered

Ongoing civil law representations;
Represented client in High Court and Supreme Court shareholders’ dispute which resulted in liquidation of tourism sector company on just and equitable grounds;
Argued Supreme Court appeal to strike down contract on basis that contracting party incapable of understanding contract;
Argued High Court action to compel major Pension fund to comply with its obligations under its commercial leases and repair the leased premises.

Ongoing criminal law representations.

Ongoing collections;
Collection for financial services sector client’s debtor where interest computations were in issue.

Representing foreign investor in multi-million dollar project finance transaction to fund retail centre;
Represented client in energy sector in upholding its purchase of shares;
Concluded due diligence exercise of large electricity generator plant;
Concluded and implemented sale of portion of retail and office building;
Conducted several legal due diligences in respect of acquisitions, greenfield projects, banking facilities;
Prepared documentation for creation of institutional investor consortium;
Prepared [public private partnership] joint venture arrangements with utilities
Prepared intergovernmental loan arrangement for agricultural inputs and implements;
Prepared joint venture agreements incorporating shareholders and management agreements, and involving Exchange Control compliances;
Prepared and implemented corporate transfer via discretionary trust;
Prepared and implemented several schemes of arrangement;
Represented major bank in tax litigation involving taxation of treasury bonds;
Represented major shareholder of listed company in requisitioning shareholder meeting;
Prepared standard form IT software licence agreement and IT security protocols;
Prepared toll agreements in agricultural processing sector;
Prepared and reviewed transnational utility joint venture agreement;
Given advice on indigenisation laws;
Conducted due diligence to prepare client for listing on foreign stock exchange;
Conducted due diligences for energy sector acquisition by client;
Conducted due diligences and prepared agreements for mining claims acquisitions.

Mining claim encumbrances;
Ongoing bond registrations for financial institutions;
Ongoing transfers, including subdivision transfers;
Prepared mortgage bonds templates for financial institution;
Scheme of reconstruction property transfers;
Advised on security – sharing arrangements;
Ongoing: local and continental trademarks registrations.

Secured release of abductees through High Court order;
Successfully challenged manner of appointment of judges of the Electoral Court such that declared ultra vires the Constitution of Zimbabwe;
Successfully challenged various criminal laws as unconstitutional.

Ongoing estate planning;
Ongoing winding up of deceased estates.

Ongoing insurance law representation;
Representation in fire insurance matters relating to promissory warranties in fire policies.
Involved in cases in which we obtained recognition of the applicability of the Praetor’s Edict de nautis, cauponibus et stabulariis to public carriers by land.

Advising in respect of collective bargaining agreements;
Represented labour unions, parastatals, individual employees, banking sector including employers’ association;
Represented employer and employee clients in various sectors re retrenchments, dismissals and other disputes, including commercial, financial, agro-processing, energy, mining, local conglomerates, diplomatic;
Drafted codes of conduct
Ongoing representation of clients for Arbitrations, in Labour Court, in Supreme Court (have been involved in leading Supreme Court labour cases which are reported in Zimbabwe Law Reports).

Representing newspaper distributors charged with publication of false statements;
Successfully defending defamation proceedings against newspaper publishers and securing the dismissal of claims on both technical and substantive grounds.